What a ride!

"I've had a chance to ride all kinds of boards but have to say I've never experienced anything quite like the Kailolo Phish. So light underfoot it's a lightwind DREAM!"

- Dave Kellies


KAILOLO Innovators, not Imitators.

Todd Davis riding side saddle in Maui

Completely hand-made right here on Maui, Kailolo Boards are gaining a worldwide following. We've got riders in the mainland USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Bali, Indonesia and the Carribbean. All of our boards are backed by countless hours of meticulous fine-tuning and attention to the slightest of details. Give one a try - you'll see why these boards are sure to make you "kailolo"!

Looking for something custom tailored to suit your needs and riding style? Let's talk. We can get you just what you need.